Maizey Architectural’s branding materials and equipment includes Kwik-Klik aluminium poster frames, LumiLED Edge-Lit Displays, Module Plus Indoor,  Module Plus Outdoor,  STRATO indoor sign system and Cosign TOTEM pylons for indoor and outdoor.

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  • Aluminium Poster Frames

    Aluminium Poster Frames

    Kwik-Klik aluminium poster frames offer a cost effective and creative way to display posters and

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  • Edge-Lit Displays

    Edge-Lit Displays

    LumiLED Edge-Lit Displays illuminated units use LED technology, making them virtually maintenance free and also

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  • CoSign-isign-way-finding-solution


    I-Sign from CoSign is a cleverly simple, elegant, contemporary flexible sign system to be used

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  • Module Plus Indoor

    Module Plus Indoor

    Module Plus Indoor is a versatile aluminium modular sign system. The concept is deceptively simple

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  • Module Plus Outdoor

    Module Plus Outdoor

    The complete external directional system.  Module Plus Outdoor is a versatile and proven exterior product.

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  • Strato


    The complete external directional system. STRATO is a flexible indoor sign system for dynamic environments

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  • Totem Pylons

    Totem Pylons

    Cosign introduces TOTEM, an innovative series of aluminium profiles designed to construct totem pylons for indoor and outdoor

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